The benefits of using a natural scar brush post-abdominal surgery

We all know that with any surgery, we will be left with a scar and the risk of post-surgical complications. 

What if we told you there was a way to minimise a scar and these risks? 

Massaging can help soften and flatten scar tissue while eventually controlling the sensitivity of a scar and “waking up” your lymph system! 

Dry brushing after surgery

Dry body brushing has been prevalent in a range of cultures for centuries as a self-care and daily ritual to promote healthy, glowing and smooth skin. 

Using a natural scar brush post-abdominal surgery can help reduce fluid and increase blood flow to ultimately tighten the skin. Not only this, however dry brushing can stimulate the lymphatic system, hormones, oil glands and the nerve endings in the skin while boosting energy levels. Are you convinced now? 

It’s always important to gently brush your skin using long strokes towards your heart and ensure your surgical wound has fully closed and healed. 

The final step to soft and moisturised skin is to apply a cream, such as the Heal Better Scar Cream to nourish and allow the scar to fully heal. 

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