How to relieve gas and bloating post-abdominal surgery

Is your digestive tract taking too long to “wake-up” post-abdominal surgery? 

It’s very common to develop occasional pain and bloating, especially surrounding the lower abdomen post-abdominal surgery. 

Most patients find they need to pause certain everyday tasks or activities to avoid intensifying pain or uncomfortable positions when they return home from the hospital.  

If you are concerned about bloating, gas and discomfort pre- and post-abdominal surgery, don’t panic, it’s temporary and can be resolved after simply passing wind and through regular bowel movement. To help “wake-up” your digestive tract, start by gently walking around the house, limiting gas-producing foods such as broccoli and lentils and drinking a warm herbal tea. 

You may be asking yourself, how can simply brewing a warm cup of herbal tea provide relief? 

Heal Better’s Bloating and Gas Tea promotes healthy digestion to help those suffering from gas or bloating after surgery, especially after childbirth. Its carefully picked natural ingredients such as chamomile, coriander seed, orange peel, aniseed, lemon balm and peppermint can ease the pain and discomfort. 

To assist in the effects of gas and bloating, we recommend to enjoy 2-3 cups per day. One cup to enjoy with your breakfast, another after your lunch and one to enjoy right before bed. 

If you are craving a cold refreshing beverage rather than a hot tea, you can also prepare the tea in larger quantities to refrigerate and enjoy as you like!   

For more helpful tips and advice to prevent or ease gas and bloating, download the Heal Better App here: Gas an bloating relief after surgery